Please complete the following form in order to book a session with me. Fill in your answers to the best of your ability for ease of scheduling and response. This is simply an email form and is not connected to any database whatsoever. If you prefer, you may also copy and paste the form into an email – but you MUST include all required information.

If you are unsure about what to use to prove who you are, please include that in the form. I am happy to help – but please don’t waste time by ignoring it.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Once your booking is confirmed and agreed upon, last minute cancellations are not tolerated. A cancellation in under 48 hours is considered a last minute cancel. Same-day rebooking may be exempt from fees. A 20% deposit at time of booking can be made to avoid cancellation fees. Cancellations within 48hrs: 50% fee. Within 12hrs: 100% fee. If a last minute-booking is made, it is not exempt from the last-minute cancellation policy. Payment must be received within 24 hours of cancellation. Failure to abide by this policy will result in you being permanently blacklisted on a national database, preventing you from booking in the future.


Booking Form


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you provide?
I provide an adult-related therapeutic experience. I am a sexuality professional, and provide guidance on ways to enlighten and awaken your sexuality. I do not offer a trade of sex for money. What we discuss is up to you, you will offer me a gift in exchange for my time booked. In exchange I make myself available to guide your curiosities. This could include much conversation, or little at all, dinner, private time, massage, toy overviews, etc, all at a predetermined location depending on your needs.

What is on the “menu”?
Please do not ask me this. I’m not a food service, I am a professional intimacy provider. Anything that’s within the realm of safe and smart, I am open to. Once you are screened, we can discuss details.

What is your schedule?
When I’m in Chicago, daytimes are the easiest for me, but I am flexible. I keep a regular “business hours” type of schedule, so unless we plan a late night together, I will likely not see your late messages until the next day. My schedule is always shifting slightly, so feel free to coordinate with me as appropriate.

Do you take last-minute appointments?
Yes – with visitors who have been seen and/or screened previously. If you are not screened, it can take up to a couple of hours to do so. Please keep in mind that I do have other obligations outside of this and while I don’t mind accommodating if I am able, I may not always be able to drop everything to see you. I never take last-minute after 8pm (in Chicago). If you’re a last-minute kind of guy, no problem! Get pre-screened with my booking form. If you need late night – book ahead!

How do I get screened?
Complete my booking form. Screening can take a couple of hours, so please fill this out completely and thoroughly. If you provide all of the info needed, screening is much faster. If you are verified on a third-party site (like P411 or RS2K) you can be verified very quickly.

Is this confidential?
Yes! My booking form is only an email form that organizes information. It is created through my private website, and is sent directly to my Gmail address. I do not share or store any personal information. My information is highly protected. I only ask for your details to ensure my safety. I would never breach the confidence of a visitor – if not for the moral issue then because it would ruin my career!

Can I still see you with no references?
Yes – as long as you are comfortable providing me with as much information as needed. No references require an ID, etc. Again, this information will be confidential. If you prefer, you can go through verification via RS2K, which requires no references and I will definitely take it!

Can I decide length once I arrive?
No, I’m sorry, but just as anyone else, I do have other responsibilities to tend to! There are occasions where I may be able to extend our date, but it is not preferred. You must decide how long you would like to visit before you arrive, and have the appropriate fee ready beforehand. I do not like to interrupt our appointment to work out fees, so we will get that worked out prior to your arrival.

How long should I book?
If you’re new, I think 90 minutes is the ideal session length. An hour can seem to go by fast, and you may find two hours too much financial commitment. It is up to you. I always prefer longer sessions, so we have plenty of time to explore one another. I would rather give special attention to a select few than to spread myself thin with many small appointments.

Do you do half-hour sessions?
No, not really. I will make an occasional exception for regular visitors who have limited time. However, I am a full-spectrum provider and do not view my services as novelty. There are plenty of providers who will make themselves available for “quick fix” situations… I am not one of those. I am here for the discerning gentleman who uses this route for a method of self-care and pampering. That can not be achieved in under an hour!

What are your rates?
My rates can vary depending on where I am traveling, but not by much. My rates are always listed on this site and on my most current ad. If you attempt to find an expired ad with different or old rates, I will decline your session for the clear attempt at dishonesty.

Do you honor old rates?
Yes, but only for visitors that have seen me at least several times at that rate. I do not honor old rates simply because you emailed me or inquired at the time of an old rate. I do not honor old rates or screening if it has been more than a year or two since I have seen you.

Are your rates negotiable?
Definitely not. Again, regular visitors do get priviledges. However, as a veteran of this industry and porn performer, my rate is very humble when compared to others. I like to keep myself accessible to a certain level of clientele and keep myself out of the “novelty” range. I value regular visits from the same people, versus many one-time visits.

May I call or text you?
Yes… at reasonable, respectful times. However I ask that you submit screening information before casually texting me.

Do you take outfit requests?
Yes! Of course. With anything of this nature, please be sure to give me notice to prepare.

How do I give you your gift?
I take cash only on the first visit. I prefer an unsealed envelope, although an envelope is not required. Please have it counted and ready. Future visits may be paid via PayPal or credit card.

What is a deposit for?
A deposit may be required depending on my schedule or where I am visiting. A deposit is always welcome and very helpful to secure your spot and assist with screening. If in any case I must cancel on a deposit session, your deposit will be refunded immediately.

Reference Requests

For Providers

Please do not hesitate to contact me to verify a visitor. I will always provide as much information as possible. I am usually able to respond very quickly, but please do not take anyone’s word until you have heard from me!


Client Verification Request

For Visitors

I am happy to provide a reference once we have seen each other, should you wish to visit another provider. I do not have any limitations on providers I am willing to speak with as long as they are easily searchable. I also do not require that you gain my approval beforehand. This is your hobby and I encourage exploration. Please never hesitate to use me as a reference!

Do keep in mind that I handle my references with integrity and will disclose only pertinent information. Please do not ever attempt to give another provider false information about me or our visit.


Be safe, Ladies!

For additional screening, please check out — a very useful resource!